Building Lightning Components and Applications – (DEV-601)

Building Lightning Components and Applications (Dev 601)

Salesforce Lightning Components and Applications.


You’ve been tasked with developing a custom desktop and mobile application that runs in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1. The app must search and modify data on the platform as well as support all devices and screen sizes from a single codebase. During this five-day instructor-led course you’ll learn how to program Lightning Components with markup, Javascript, CSS, Apex, and the Salesforce Lightning Design System. Break your development tasks into small, discrete, reusable components that can quickly be assembled into enterprise applications.

Course Agenda:

Introducing Lightning Components and Applications

  • Using HTML5 and Lightning Components to Develop Apps
  • Defining a Lightning Application
  • Defining a Simple Component
  • Handling User Events
  • Using Helpers for Complex Client-Side Event Handling
  • Documenting a Component
  • Using OOTB Lightning Input Components
  • Working with Apex
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting Your App

Surfacing a Component

  • Surfacing Lightning Components
  • Surfacing Components in Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience
  • Building Lightning Pages with Components and App Builder
  • Using Lightning Components in Visualforce Pages with Lightning
  • Installing and Managing Components from AppExchange
  • Packaging a Component for Distribution

Implementing Navigation and Layouts

  • Working with SLDSX Components
  • Using the SLDSX Tab Panel
  • Implementing Buttons and Button Groups with SLDS
  • Implementing a “Deck of Cards” Layout
  • Using the SLDS/SLDSX Grid System
  • Implementing Menus with SLDS


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