Apex API – WebServices – Integrations – Dev 502

salesforce online training for apex webservices api development – dev 502

Force.com & the Force.com developer network
Integration services
Creating a WebService in salesforce
Consuming an external service in Apex. Project: Consuming a Currency Convertor service in saleforce.
Mashups, including custom links, Web tabs, & cloud toolkits
Native desktop connectors
Custom-built solutions, including the API and SOAP, mass batch data loading, near real-time integration, & Force.com SOA & callouts
The Force.com data loader, the free prebuilt API client, & information about when to
use the data loader vs. build/buy Middleware/AppExchange solutions, including advantages & connectivity via the Web services API
Call center integration & multichannel integration (e.g., chat, email)
Live Agent in Salesforce Service Cloud Console
Single sign-on integration & architecture options
Web site integration with Force.com sites, portals, and salesforce.com’s ideas

Course Duration : 20 -25 Hours

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