Art of Learning

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salesforce-online-training-art of learning In my vision, there is no “teaching”. there is only “learning”.

The real teacher will not teach the subject. The teacher creates zeal and interest towards the subject and motivates the learner to understand the subject on his own which I define as the real teaching.

“If a teacher gives lecture, the learner remembers for some time.

If a teacher gives lecture with examples, the learner remebers for some more time.

If a teacher makes the learner to understand, the learner remembers forever.”

“He is the real teacher who can come down immediately to the level of the student, and who can listen from the ears of the student, and who can see through the eyes of the student and who can understand from the heart of the student” — Swami Vivekananda
As Shah has the passion for learning and sharing the same innovatively, He makes every participant to learn the subject with fun.

The real Learning is to understand a)what is already learned; b)what has to be unlearned; c)HOW to learn what to be learned.

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